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Black Friday is almost here, and EA Sports have started with the celebrations in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, releasing a Pre-Black Friday promo leading up to the actual event. They have released a “Best of” Team of the Week squad in packs, and have initiated the process of releasing Flash SBCs. These Flash SBCs are excellent for providing fans with regular pack-based content.

Tic toc. ⏰Black Friday is coming… ⚫️Get the #FUT festivities started early with an all-new Best of Team of the Week, available now in #FIFA23.

The Pre-Black Friday Flash Challenge 1 SBC is available in FIFA 23 for a time period of two hours from 6 pm GMT to 8 pm GMT. It is the first of many Flash challenges to be released over the course of the Pre-Black Friday and Black Friday proceedings in FUT, and is a rather simplistic challenge that offers a pack in return.

The Pre-Black Friday promo is live in FIFA 23 with release of first Flash SBC

With the release of the “Best of” TOTW squad, Black Friday festivities are well and truly underway. The Path to Glory promo recently reached its conclusion, with the various special versions being removed from packs.

However, fans will be happy to know that there will still be a wide gallery of special cards available to be packed in FUT, with a brand new World Cup-themed promo being introduced on Friday.

How to complete the Pre-Black Friday Challenge 1 SBC in FIFA 23?


The SBC requires a single squad for completion in FUT. Although the stipulations required to complete the SBC are rather detailed and complex, the SBC itself is easy enough. These are the specific requirements that must be fulfilled to avail the rewards of the SBC in FIFA 23:

  • Max 4 players from the same League
  • Min 4 players from the same club
  • Min 4 players: Gold
  • Player quality: Minimum silver
  • Minimum 8 players: Rare
  • Minimum 28 Squad Total Chemistry Points
  • Number of players in the squad: 11

The expected cost of the SBC is around 6,000 FUT coins and it offers gamers a Small Rare Gold Players pack as a reward upon completion.

Is it worth completing the Pre-Black Friday Challenge 1 SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?


Flash SBCs are a key aspect of the vintage Black Friday experience in FIFA Ultimate Team. Squad Building Challenges were introduced to the series in FIFA 17, and have been a vital part of FUT ever since. In FIFA 23, Flash SBCs have once again made their much-anticipated return with the Pre-Black Friday promo.

There will be Flash Challenges at regular intervals over the course of this promo this weekend. This will allow FUT enthusiasts to get their hands on an incredible amount of packs, which is an enticing proposition with the number of special cards being released in packs during the event.

The Flash Challenge 1 offers a Small Rare Gold Players pack, which has a store value of around 25,000 FUT coins. Compared to the price of the SBC, this is an absolute bargain, especially since most gamers will be able to complete the SBC entirely with the cards already available in their club.

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